Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Craft Day!

My two friends in my ward and I got have been planning for a couple weeks now to do some long-overdue crafting. When we were finally done with finals we hit JoAnn's and crafted for a whole weekend pretty much.
 Here we are working on various crafts at Courtney's table. I fear we invaded her house with hot glue and fabric, poor Eric.
 This is the wreath we made. Isn't it cute!? We bought various colors and patterns of fabric, a wire wreath frame, cut the fabric into strips and tied the strips onto the frame. I'm so excited to hang this next season~
We got some cute mini ornaments and glued them together into trees and then tied some bows and glued them on. Court and Alison made three each and I plan to make one more that is a little bigger. Another craft that is still in the making are our blocks that we will be spelling santa with a decorating with paper and embellishments. We had quite the adventure at home depot getting the blocks cut! But we did it and were very proud of ourselves. I think one of our most proud moments was finding that we had saved $66.00 at JoAnn's and only spent $21.00 each for all of our darling crafts!

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