Monday, June 24, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

What a crazy time in our lives! Today my teaching job started up again and I went part time with Xactware so I'm hoping I can manage my schedule a little better from now on. A lot has happened since our last post.

Meg and Sam's Wedding:
 We were able to attend the beautiful sealing in the SLC temple and then the amazing reception in Kaysville where I was a bridesmaid.
 Anna's Graduation and a Trip Home:
 Mom giving Anna a lei
 The fam, missing Shana and Jer! Shana was there behind the camera.
 Beach day with Ella
 She had to wear her swim cap.
 Reunited with dear friends, missing Tanna!
 Beach walk with Kate.
 Forever my beautiful home.
 Making father's day projects for papa and Jer.
 Jer's dad's father's day gift we made.

Scott Bryon at 20 weeks!
 He was being a stinker and wouldn't roll over for us so we could see his heart, but from what they could see he's doing great. Measuring at about 5 days under 20 weeks which is normal.
 A few days after this picture was taken my belly really popped! I will take another at 22 weeks for anyone interested.

Danielle's Bridal Shower:
 Lauren and I were in charge of decorations.
 Visit from Family and Strawberry Days Rodeo and Carnival:

My 20-Week gift from my darling hubby:
 Katie's Play: Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood

 Katie was the queen and even had a singing solo.
 The group after the play.

Quick trip to Bear Lake for Jeff and Kelly Pendleton's Wedding:
 Famous raspberry shakes. Best ones of our lives! Soooo good.
 Bob took us for a ride on his boat.
 Beautiful setting for a beautiful wedding.
 Finn, their dog was the ring bearer. So cute!
 Pendleton men.
Wedding attendees.

Sorry if that was overload but I've been meaning to blog all of this and I didn't know when I would get around to it. Jer and I have been going a million miles a minute it seems. We work all day during the week and our weekends are always filled with family things, weddings, etc. It is a fun but crazy life. It kind of caught up to us this past weekend and Jer got sick. We are hoping he can kick this bug soon so life can resume as normal but sometimes you just need to take time to let your body heal.

I'm doing and feeling great. I have no more traces of morning sickness and I'm not to the huge uncomfortable stage yet. I can definitely feel myself growing though and I think there will be a lot more growth in the weeks to come, (of course). We are getting more and more excited for Scotty to come and are feeling like we are ready to really start preparing.

Along with baby preparation is house hunting. This has added another level of stress to our lives. We are so excited to get into our own home and have found some promising places that we are ready to put offers in on. We just pray that we will be guided to do what will be right for our family and that with how busy we are, that we can be able to find something before this baby comes out! Keep your fingers crossed for us. :o)