Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy February!

We are now bidding a fond farewell to January, and heading into the month of LOVE! It feels like we are quickly getting into the year 2011. The months are going by faster and faster! In honor of Valentine's Day, I gave myself a budget of $20.00 to find some cute things to decorate our apartment and make it more festive. I'm trying to invest in a few nicer things that I can keep for years ahead, rather than lots of cheap things that may fall apart.
 As always, I have changed my candle-holder fillers. This time, its conversation hearts! I look forward to changing them every time!
 Got these at Thai Pan. They were having a sale: 25% off Valentine's decorations.
 Thai Pan again.
 A birthday present from my wonderful friend Danielle.
 Thai Pan. On the three things at Thai pan I spent about $15 total! I was pleased with my purchase, and all three things were ones I will keep for years to come. :o)
 Another fun thing that happened recently was our chance to be at the BYU vs. San Diego State game. It was a really exciting game as most of you know, and I don't know if anyone was more excited than Jer. He's been re-playing the highlights ever since!
Here he is, so excited to be at the game. The energy from the crowd was amazing! And of course, Jimmer was pretty good too. ;o)


  1. Cute! I love fun decorations, especially for v-day (my favorite holiday!). How fun that you were be able to be at the big game :)

  2. Everything looks so cute! Wish I could be there to see it in person!