Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Tale of the 4 Shirts

Once upon a time a girl named Christina was having a fondue party for her birthday. She was really excited for the party and had been working all day preparing for it. Right before it was time for her guests to arrive she changed into her new silk Banana Republic shirt because this was a special occasion. She went to the kitchen to finish the preparations and even put on an apron to make sure she kept her nice clothes clean. Much to her dismay, she found that her chocolate fountain had broken just minutes before the party was to start. She and Jeremy rolled up their sleeves and took apart the chocolate covered contraption in order to transfer the chocolate into a crock pot. In the process, somehow chocolate had dripped under her apron and right onto her brand new silk shirt. She decided she wouldn't let this ruin her evening and replaced the shirt with another similar shirt so she wouldn't have to re-accessorize. As she was enjoying her chocolate fondue just minutes later with her friends, she dripped an even BIGGER glob of chocolate all down the front of her second cute chiffon shirt. She let out a cry of dismay and ran to her room to change yet again. Not wanting to disturb her accessories she put on ANOTHER light pink top, this time a very cute ruffly cardigan from Ann Taylor (a gift from her mom and something she wears only on special occasions) with a white shirt underneath. The rest of the night was pretty fun, she played games with her friends and enjoyed a happy birthday song with a mini brownie. After the evening was over, friends had gone home, and clean-up was done, a very exhausted Christina went to brush her teeth. As she glanced in the mirror what did she see, you ask? Yes, ANOTHER huge glob of chocolate that covered not only the cute pink cardigan but a large portion of her white shirt she was wearing underneath. Trying very hard to see the humor in this situation and not get completely FURIOUS about the fact that four of her shirts were quite possibly ruined, she removed the first two soiled shirts from a mixing bowl of water and Woolite, checked the tags and realized they were dry-clean only (great), sprayed spot shot on the other two, flung them over the shower to hang dry, took a picture of the ridiculous scene and promptly pouted her way to bed.

The End

If you're curious about how the party went, here are some pictures :o)
 Bryan cutting the bread for the cheese fondue.
 The spread, chocolate and cheese fondue with all the trimmings thanks to all my wonderful friends for bringing contributions!
 Jer really captured some special moments.
 Me with the hubby.
 My birthday cake and candle.

The truth is, the party was really fun and I'm so grateful for all the wonderful and supportive friends that Jer and I have. Despite all the shenanigans with my silly shirts, I had an  awesome birthday party with so many fun friends to enjoy it with.


  1. What a fun night! But really, Christina?? The picture of me by the water? Was that really necessary?? :)

  2. Hahahah I knew you would be mad but it was the only one I had of you and i wanted to document that you were there.

  3. okay court.. you think yours is bad, check out me whipping the drizzling chocolate off my chin. gross!