Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas with the Bartons!

This year was my first Christmas away from my family. We decided to try and line up our Christmases so that my whole family could all be together next year since Joe, Shana, and Ella plan to be with the Houstons next Christmas. Needless to say, I had a bit of a hard time at first and a little on Christmas Eve as I was not with my parents and sisters participating in our traditional Christmas season activities. HOWEVER, we had a very busy and very FUN Christmas with Jer's family. I am so glad and grateful that I have in-laws that I love and feel very comfortable with. They made me feel right at home for Christmas with them. Before heading to Kaysville we went to the Houston family Christmas party which was so fun because usually Katie and I have already headed to CA for the holidays by the time our extended family gets together.
 These two cuties were our hosts. Grandma Marva and Papa Don.
 Us eating yummy dinner.
 The whole gang opening presents.
 Before we had CHristmas with Jer's family, we had our own little first Christmas together. :o)
 The first night we were in Kaysville, we went to the Woodland family Christmas party which was very fun. The next day, the girls got together and learned how to make chocolates from the master: Nanny! We had so much fun, ate too much chocolate and learned a lot!
 Dipping chocolates. :o)
 The next night we went to the Pendleton family Christmas party which, sadly I don't have pictures of but it was so much fun, I love every single one of Jer's families and the members in them! The picture above is from the Barton family party on Christmas Eve. This is most of the family, minus Dianna and Katie.
 Cute Grandpa Barton reading the Christmas story.
 Christmas morning. Wow, good morning Christina!
 I got Cam in the drawing for CHristmas Gifts this year.
 Us with Mama B.
 Becca got me for the drawing. She got me the cutest purse and scarf, everyone is jealous of me. :o)
 The family at the temple on Christmas day.
Another post to come about Chelsey and Christian Evans' wedding and our Christmas and New Years Celebrations in CA!

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  1. My favorite part: "Wow, good morning Christina!"