Sunday, December 11, 2011


 I'm sorry, but can you really go wrong with sequins? I don't think so. This was my friend Court's idea, I taught her how to crochet so she could help me keep up with my orders and it has really been a blast! I owe her big for this idea because I'm pretty much obsessed with it.
 I LOVE this hat.
We even added sequins to some of our ear warmers. This picture does NOT do them justice, you'll just have to trust me or see for yourself :o).

These ear warmers are great stocking stuffer ideas and the hats come in pretty much every size, pretty convenient right? Well, if you are interested in one of these cuties for your holiday gifting please let me know and I can get it to you before Christmas!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where are you Christmas?

Jer and a few of his friends from his mission have recently started working with an organization called Half the Sky to raise money for orphans in China. So far they have raised about $600.00 which is enough money to support one child for a year. Their goal is to raise $50,000.00 by May 1st, this will support several kids for many years and will help renovate some of the orphanages and pay for some kids' college tuition.

As we have gotten more and more involved in this effort to help these children I have become more aware of the difference we can each make by helping to donate ten or fifteen dollars. While reflecting on this Christmas season I am saddened to think of what Holidays might be like for these sweet children.

I'm grateful for Jer and his friends who are putting forth their precious time and energy to this worthy cause. If you are interested in helping them reach their goal, please go to this site:
Join Half the Sky to help every orphaned child feel she is loved. Become a "Somebody Loves Me" child sponsor.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Men's Striped Winter Scarf Tutorial

 I created this scarf pattern the other day and actually really like it. I hope you all enjoy it and can use it!

If you want to see some of the other things I make and sell you can go to I plan on starting to sell more involved patterns later.

Alright, to start with, I use a size K hook or 6.5 mm. As for yarn, you can really use whichever brand and material you like but I prefer Vanna's choice or Loops and Threads Impeccable yarns, they are softer and you can usually get them on sale, however, they ARE acrylic and not wool. Your choice. But I would go with a 3-4 weight for scarves. I used a medium 4 weight for this particular one. You will need two contrasting colors.

ch: chain
hd: half-double crochet
sl: slip stitch
sc: single crochet

Here is the pattern. It is pretty simple:

ch 21 (or however wide you want your scarf)
Row 1: turn hd in third ch from hook and hd in each stitch across.
Row 2-10: ch 2, turn, hd in next stitch and each stitch across. Tie off
Row 11: With NEW color. Sl in first stitch, ch 2, hd in same stitch and each stitch across.
Row 12-13: ch 2, turn, hd in next stitch and each stitch across. Tie off.
Repeat rows 2-13 until you have 10 thin stripes and 11 wide stripes.

For edging:
starting at top right corner, sl stitch, ch 1, sc in same stitch and each stitch around entire scarf. (Make sure you only have as many sc as you do rows on the scarf. Don't get confused when you go down the sides. For example down the wide stripe you will have 10 sc and down the thin you will have 3.) Once you get back to where you started, sl in first sc and tie off.

Note: You will have a lot of tails since you tie off with each color change. I would recommend trying to work your tails in as you crochet rather than weaving them in later, it makes for a cleaner looking scarf and less work for you later.

To learn how to do each of these stitches, you can Youtube how-to videos and they are actually pretty easy to follow.

If you end up making this scarf I would love to hear some feedback on the ease or difficulty of the pattern and maybe even see some pictures of your end results!

On the First Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me...

 Ok So it's been too long since I've really updated our blog so here's a big bunch of updates for you all! SO! Last Thursday night after a very long day I was on the phone with Jer as I was driving home when the doorbell rang. He went to the door to find all the gifts on our front porch (pictured below). I thought he was kidding when he told me but he wasn't! Our 12 days of Christmas started on December 1st. What a thoughtful thing for someone to do for us and totally unexpected!

The first day's gift was a bouquet of 2 dozen roses! They are beautiful and added the perfect amount of beauty to our home.

 Pictured below is our December 2nd gift. A date night! The note said, "For you and your mate, here is a date!" We got the movie Little Rascals and our favorite movie treats! We're starting to think these people know us well.
 I was really excited about our December 3rd gift. A beautiful table cloth that perfectly fit our kitchen table. Once again, think this person knows us? It was also very festive!

 Here it is on our table. Doesn't it look great with the roses as an addition?
 Day 4, always a necessity, Cascade for our dish-washing needs! This is the brand we are loyal to.
 Day 5 and 6, a big pack of batteries and tons of awesome baking supplies. Um hello?! They have to know us now!
 And TODAY'S gift, "Planning for the future never hurts?" Hmmm, now that one i'm not sure about. However there is a funny story about this because freshman year when Jer and I were first dating we had an inside joke about these signs people would put on their car windows like, "baby on board" or, "brother on mission." We thought they were pretty hilarious. :o) Did this person know us freshman year? Maybe not, maybe they are just giving us hints? :o)

We will keep you updated on the second half of our gifts! We're excited to see what they will be!
 This picture is not the best but here is a little sample of what I have been doing these days. I made this dress for my final project in my sewing class. I'm actually quite proud of it.
 This is a new scarf I made. I actually got the pattern for free at Michael's! I really like it. AND it will be at our Open House this Saturday evening from 5-9. Make sure you come and bring a friend!
 Here is our god-daughter Harper (I know we aren't Catholic but we like to pretend we can be her god-parents). Here is she looking especially cute in her Vans and some leggings made by her mommy. Isn't it amazing the things you can create yourself? Including this little human? ;o)
 Last night we went to the Ballroom Dance company Christmas social. We had a lovely dinner and dancing in the Hinckley Center, they even had a live band. It was great fun.
 This is my table scape I was quite proud of when Lauren, Meg, D and I had our last dinner group. I made those paper pumpkins in the center of the table and my mom sent me the place card holders in our Halloween package. I made this delicious pumpkin soup recipe I got from my friend Alison and we ate them in Kneaders bread bowls! Yum Yum! I love dinner group with my girls.
And last but not least. Can't find the right gift for that fashionable man in your life? Well, I am going to post a tutorial this evening to make this very scarf. I may even add instructions to make tassels on the ends. I'm actually making this for a friend of ours that Jer helped baptize in Taiwan. He is kind of an adopted member of the Barton family. :o)

Bear in mind that I won't be giving instructions on how to do each individual stitch but I will give you some places to go find those instructions.

Also, if you don't have a desire to make this scarf but would really like one, I'd be happy to sell one to you. :o) Scarves are awesome Christmas gifts and hand-made ones are even more special and unique.

Stay tuned for my tutorial!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our Week

OK, in all seriousness, Jer and I are doing great and we were blessed enough to have both of our wonderful families and many friends helping us out. We never realized how difficult it could be to have us both have surgery in the same week! We had a wonderful Turkey Day filled with lots of family fun. There will be another post to follow. :o)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Like I Said...

It's always a party at the Pendletons!

 We had a really fun October filled with lots of festivities! I decided to do a costume day this year for my 3-5 year old classes and let them dance to Halloween music, play a few fun games and then "go trick-or-treating" in my little pumpkin bucket of candy. Here they are all dressed up and they had a blast with the Halloween theme.
 Mom came to town for Katie's big choir concert at her new school. The concert was called "The 'sweet' Sounds of Broadway" and featured a fundraiser dessert beforehand. It was a really great idea, very well put together and well attended! It was fun that Jer and I could both come and even our Mom, Grandma, Aunt and several friends. Katie did a great job!
 We went to a couple of fun Halloween parties the weekend before Halloween. We decided to dress up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. In case you think I had to convince Jer to wear tights, guess again :o). Surprisingly he was eager and willing to wear this costume. We were able to find most of our costumes at DI and the dollar store! So fun.

Here we are with our friends Steve Jobs and the Mac apple aka Trevor and Alissa. We had a very fun Halloween and October and are excited for the new adventures that November has in store for us. :o)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Funtober Fest

This month has been crazy and fun!! Jer and I just got back from mid-semester tour with the ballroom team in Northern CA. It was 10 days long which meant missing 6 days of school. :o/ not so good. BUT! We did get to do a lot of fun things while there and met some amazing people.
 We visited the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield.
 About to take the tour.
 Jer and a group tasting the Booger flavored Jelly Belly. I opted out of that one.

That same day we were able to visit the Oakland temple and even spend some time inside. :o)
 We got to go to a cool Nasa visitor's center and learned a lot about our planets and solar system.
 At Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
We could watch these guys for hours.
Bread bowls with chowder and fish and chips!
Sourdough bakery. Making animal-shaped loaves. Also visited but not pictured- Ghirardelli Chocolate factory. Mmmmmm.
Our show site in Fresno.
When we got home, the Halloween festivities were already starting! We had an awesome FHE with this cutie and her parents, and the Mantells.
How cute is she? Yes she is my niece and she is to die for. She is a Bee if you can't tell. Love the antennas the best.
For our FHE we went to the pumpkin patch, picked our pumpkins, had delicious pumpkin soup and paninis made by Alison, watched Hocus Pocus and carved pumpkins. Is that not perfect or what?!
Here's Jer's awesome finished pumpkin.

 Court and Harps
 My cat pumpkin. Yes, I made up the pattern. Haha
 Pickin our pumpkins!
 Preparing to carve.
 Delicious cupcakes made by Alison. The inside had candy corn colored frosting. Al, you really outdid yourself this time! You're too crafty!
Cute Jer with his pumpkin!

I think I almost like Halloween as much as I did when I was a little girl! We're having lots of fun this fall!