Sunday, December 11, 2011


 I'm sorry, but can you really go wrong with sequins? I don't think so. This was my friend Court's idea, I taught her how to crochet so she could help me keep up with my orders and it has really been a blast! I owe her big for this idea because I'm pretty much obsessed with it.
 I LOVE this hat.
We even added sequins to some of our ear warmers. This picture does NOT do them justice, you'll just have to trust me or see for yourself :o).

These ear warmers are great stocking stuffer ideas and the hats come in pretty much every size, pretty convenient right? Well, if you are interested in one of these cuties for your holiday gifting please let me know and I can get it to you before Christmas!

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  1. Hey Christina! My mom ordered an owl hat from you for our little boy Leo and gave it to us over Christmas.. it is seriously the cutest thing in the world!! Just wanted to say thank you :) I will probably order another from you sometime in april for our second little boy, you are very talented!


    ps. tell Jer I say hi, looks like you guys are doing well!