Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cruisin' in Cabo

I'm doing our blog posts a little backwards because I'm waiting to get photos from our wondrous Christmas with the Houstons so we are going to start off with our New Years celebrations.

We kicked off the New Year right celebrating the wedding of my best friend Sophie to our new friend Alex. They are now the Jones'. Awesome, right? They had a beautiful wedding in Santa Ynez, Jer and I were so glad we were able to be there and share that special day with them. I was one of the bridesmaids along with our 4 other friends from our tight-knit group from high school.

They had a very nice, traditional Jewish ceremony which I have never been to before.
 After the ceremony we had a parade with music along Santa Ynez Main Street. Here are Andi and Tanna, Andi needed to take off her shoes for this intense event. :o)

 Here we are enjoying the reception where they had breakfast for dinner, cupcakes, fun music and dancing.
Cutting the cake!

Another great kick-off to 2012 was the stomach flu that ran through our entire family. Somehow, my mom was able to escape the dreaded bug but my round of it came right after we rang in the new year, just in time for us to leave for our cruise in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Needless to say, that two-hour drive was quite eventful, especially because my sister's turn came just hours after mine started.


I took the rest of that first day on the boat to recover from my flu and then we had a blast with our friends cruisin in Mexico! We went with Jer's company he worked for last summer and is managing for this summer, several of our friends worked with him too so it turned out to be a blast with all of our friends.

 Day 1: Walrus. Can't leave out the infamous towel animals.
 The first evening at sea was formal night. Here is our table in our cruise best.
 Ballroom friends.
 Cruise buddies.
 Awkward family photos.
 We all fit between the two stair railings!! Haha
 Day 2: Dog. First day on shore in Cabo San Lucas
 This picture is a true example of some of the poses the photographers on the ship were putting people in for photos. This is not a dramatization.
 Just arriving in Mexico!
 Water taxi tour around Cabo.
 Court and Eric.
 Snorkeling on Lover's Beach.
 Jer cliff jumping  off of Lover's Beach.
 In front of Lover's Cove. Our tour guide said, "two people went in, three came out."
 Friends on the beach.
 Miami Vice at Los Claros and yummy tacos and guacamole.
 Day 3: Elephant.
 Headed out to parasail on our second day on shore.
 Up in the air! From our highest point we saw a hammerhead shark in the water! It was crazy! And a little scary since we had been swimming in that water. We also saw a stingray.
 So much fun! And such a beautiful view. Our boat driver dipped our feet in the water as he brought us in.
 After parasailing, we went with the Bready's to explore the streets. Here are Jer and Eric.
 Day 4: Monkey! Day at sea.

Day 5: Snail

We are now home and ready for real life again although our three week holiday was a nice break!

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  1. I am super jealous that you got to go parasailing. Take me with you next time!!