Saturday, August 21, 2010

World War II??

Last night Jer and I were talking before we went to sleep and all the sudden I heard him say, "why did you just ask me that?" I said, "ask you what?" he replied, "You asked me if I was involved in World War II!"

We had a pretty good laugh about that last night as I realized that I had drifted off to sleep and must have been subconsciously thinking about WWII??? Who knows! We have laughed about it several times today and look forward to many more funny experiences like that through our married life.

This week was really fun, I got to spend some time with my mom at education week. We fought through long lines and even attended a class beforehand to make sure we got into "Chef Brad's" class. He got us all fired up to buy grain mills and start making our own bread. I liked his emphasis on the way food really has a way of bringing people together as families and friends.
"Life, its all about food."
-Chef Brad

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Let's Jump Right In!

I decided to go right ahead and kick off our blog right by writing a post about our fun, fun, fun weekend we just had! After work and rehearsal were over for the day on Friday it was time to go play! Jer got us tickets for the Jack Johnson concert way back in April and we have been so excited for it all summer. The concert happened to fall on our one month mark of being married so that was pretty fun to celebrate although we didn't plan it that way ;o). There was no re-entry to the show so we were forced to buy dinner there at the concert. 12437634085676 dollars later we had our dinner from Bajio and a $700 soda. I guess that was just all part of the fun. Here are some pics!
Next item on the list of fun activites was a bridal shower for Katie's roomate Kate which I helped with the food for. The reason I was so excited for this was I made my first attempt at making "cute" cupcakes. They turned out pretty well and the recipes I used for the actual cake were pretty much to die for. The shower was so cute. It was a garden tea party. Katie and her roommate Melissa did a great job!
Next fun fling! Jer planned a surprise date for Saturday afternoon/evening for me. He 'tricked' me into cleaning the house with him and then he blind-folded me and put me in the car. We drove all the way to the canyon and when he took my blindfold off, I realized there were two of our new friends, Eric and Courtney from our ward sitting in the back of the car! Good thing I didn't say anything embarrassing! Our other friends Carly and Chase met up with us and we 'hiked' (although it was really kind of just a walk) up to bridal veil falls and stood in the mist for a bit. We then went to Eric's parents house to swim and have a BBQ. After that, we went back to our place in Orem and played Nertz with all of us plus Callista and Ben for about two hours and then went to Karate Kid at the dollar theater! It was such a fun day! We got to spend time with all of our friends and do lots of fun and inexpensive things.

Mountains Majesty

Bride's Veil
Nice form Jer! (This did end up in a belly-flop)
Launching Carly!
Launching me!

Eric's sweet flip
Our favorite Chase attempt

A video of launching fun in the pool!

Woo Hoo for this weekend!