Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Beautiful Birthday

Sadly, my birthday celebrating is almost over. But I had a wonderful day filled with many loved ones who made me feel special.

We were up at 5:15 am for a ballroom morningside and I got texts from my sister Katie, and SIL Shana by 6:30 am! Those women never forget a special day!

Having an iphone is great because it notified me throughout the day every time someone wished me a happy birthday on Facebook.

During my first class, Jer brought me a dozen fire and ice roses and a sweet card. I have such a loving and thoughtful husband, I'm so grateful for him.
Here are the beautiful roses and the birthday cards I received from family. I also got lots of birthday calls and a darling scarf from my little sis Anna that I wore yesterday and will wear shopping today. :o)

Around 10 am I started getting a whole bunch of text messages from numbers I didn't recognize, but they all seemed to know something about me! My brilliant husband guessed it was my sister's students and he was right! Here are a couple of the messages I received:

"Happy 24th Birth Day Tina Tu Tu!! :D. We sent you a birthday cake but the delivery guy ate it so I'm gonna send you this text instead."

"Christina! You 24 year old married to Jeremy for 1.5 years woman! Happy birthday! have a great day! The person who is sitting next to me that doesn't have a phone says happy birthday Tina Tutu! Go dancing and have fun!"

I had a long day of school and work that day and was wearing heels so I went home during a quick break before a meeting to change my shoes. When I walked in the door, who were standing in my kitchen but one of my besties Courtney and her baby Harper! She said, "I've been caught!" She was cleaning my house for my birthday as a surprise! I told her "I'm kind of embarrassed that you are cleaning my messy house, but not enough to tell you not to do it!!" She is seriously the sweetest friend.
Look at our impeccable room! She even did some organizing! Our next project will be to weed out my clothes. :o)

Several of my classes I teach sang to me and I got lots of Birthday wishes throughout the day. I felt very loved and it was a great day.

The NEXT day we were able to go out and celebrate, but FIRST! I got my birthday present-

One of my other best friends Chelsey's relative (I think uncle?) is the owner/big whig of Blendtec so with her help, we were able to get a great deal on the Blendtec with both jar sizes, the wild side and the original. I made a smoothie in it this morning and it was heaven. It came with a whole recipe book with soups, salsas, dips, smoothies, shakes, ice cream and even baby food recipes! This was my gift from my parents and Jer. :o) I'm thrilled!!!

 That evening we went to Teppanyaki, one of my favorites, to celebrate. It's pretty darn close to my all time favorite, Something's Fishy in Santa Barbara. From Left to right, Eric, Court, Harper, Jer, Me, Katie, JJ (Katie's special friend :o))
 Here we are with sweet Harper, she was such a trooper in that loud restaurant, especially because she skipped her nap that evening AND made sure to look extra cute for the occasion. In case you can't tell, those are jeggings she is wearing.
Katie made me my favorite cake that my mom always made me growing up. Buttermilk chocolate with homemade icing. Mmmmm and she did a GREAT job! It was delish. Trevor and Alissa were able to come for cake and ice cream and play games after. It was such a fun birthday.

To finish my celebrating, Katie is taking me to lunch and shopping today. I'm so grateful for loving family and friends who make me feel special not only on my birthday but everyday!

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