Saturday, March 3, 2012

Christmas in March

Jer and I have already had a great weekend and it has only just begun. I may be blogging TWICE this weekend. Special :o) I few highlights:

 We got to babysit this precious darling last night. She is the sweetest, easiest baby to take care of and she's darn cute. She didn't fuss once the whole time we were there. Her parents are ok too. ;o)
I'm totally copying my good friend Carly's recent blog post on her Bountiful Basket. I read it, and immediately NEEDED to be part of it. This morning I picked up all these goodies and I only paid $15. Chase and Carly went to the store and roughly estimated the cost of these items in the normal grocery store and it totaled over $30. 50% savings and no grocery shopping? Yes Please. What's in it:

-2 cucumbers
-a bag of brussels sprouts
-a bunch of apples
-green peppers
-a bunch of green chiles (chile rellenos anyone?)
-a canteloupe
-a pineapple
-butter lettuce
-bag of golden potatoes
-bunch of kiwis

Here's the best part, it's like Christmas every Saturday because you don't know what you're going to get!

More weekend fun to come!

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