Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Panic! In the Sewing Lab.

You know that song called Panic! At the Disco by Fall Out Boy? Well that is my theme song this week. Our team has managed to sandwich two weekends away for shows between a prep week for medals exams, concert ticket sales, regular homework, work, competition for my studio kids (which I will miss) and a major teaching day for my elementary teaching class (which I will miss) and last but CERTAINLY not least the due date for my ridiculously difficult sewing project: the man's tailored shirt.

Did I reach panic mode on Monday? Yes.

Did I have a mini meltdown in my mind today? Yes.

Did I spend 8 hours in the lab today and NOT finish my shirt? Absolutely.

But guess what? Only 15 days of school before I GRADUATE! And THAT is what keeps me going. :o) I can do this!!!

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