Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Men's Striped Winter Scarf Tutorial

 I created this scarf pattern the other day and actually really like it. I hope you all enjoy it and can use it!

If you want to see some of the other things I make and sell you can go to I plan on starting to sell more involved patterns later.

Alright, to start with, I use a size K hook or 6.5 mm. As for yarn, you can really use whichever brand and material you like but I prefer Vanna's choice or Loops and Threads Impeccable yarns, they are softer and you can usually get them on sale, however, they ARE acrylic and not wool. Your choice. But I would go with a 3-4 weight for scarves. I used a medium 4 weight for this particular one. You will need two contrasting colors.

ch: chain
hd: half-double crochet
sl: slip stitch
sc: single crochet

Here is the pattern. It is pretty simple:

ch 21 (or however wide you want your scarf)
Row 1: turn hd in third ch from hook and hd in each stitch across.
Row 2-10: ch 2, turn, hd in next stitch and each stitch across. Tie off
Row 11: With NEW color. Sl in first stitch, ch 2, hd in same stitch and each stitch across.
Row 12-13: ch 2, turn, hd in next stitch and each stitch across. Tie off.
Repeat rows 2-13 until you have 10 thin stripes and 11 wide stripes.

For edging:
starting at top right corner, sl stitch, ch 1, sc in same stitch and each stitch around entire scarf. (Make sure you only have as many sc as you do rows on the scarf. Don't get confused when you go down the sides. For example down the wide stripe you will have 10 sc and down the thin you will have 3.) Once you get back to where you started, sl in first sc and tie off.

Note: You will have a lot of tails since you tie off with each color change. I would recommend trying to work your tails in as you crochet rather than weaving them in later, it makes for a cleaner looking scarf and less work for you later.

To learn how to do each of these stitches, you can Youtube how-to videos and they are actually pretty easy to follow.

If you end up making this scarf I would love to hear some feedback on the ease or difficulty of the pattern and maybe even see some pictures of your end results!

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