Friday, November 4, 2011

Like I Said...

It's always a party at the Pendletons!

 We had a really fun October filled with lots of festivities! I decided to do a costume day this year for my 3-5 year old classes and let them dance to Halloween music, play a few fun games and then "go trick-or-treating" in my little pumpkin bucket of candy. Here they are all dressed up and they had a blast with the Halloween theme.
 Mom came to town for Katie's big choir concert at her new school. The concert was called "The 'sweet' Sounds of Broadway" and featured a fundraiser dessert beforehand. It was a really great idea, very well put together and well attended! It was fun that Jer and I could both come and even our Mom, Grandma, Aunt and several friends. Katie did a great job!
 We went to a couple of fun Halloween parties the weekend before Halloween. We decided to dress up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. In case you think I had to convince Jer to wear tights, guess again :o). Surprisingly he was eager and willing to wear this costume. We were able to find most of our costumes at DI and the dollar store! So fun.

Here we are with our friends Steve Jobs and the Mac apple aka Trevor and Alissa. We had a very fun Halloween and October and are excited for the new adventures that November has in store for us. :o)

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  1. hey tina! i want to thank you sooooo much for the adorable hat you made last-minute for my sis-in-law. it was so pretty! i am really sorry i didn't order it earlier but i am really glad i still decided to get it from you and not somewhere else! so, as katie may have told you, i also need to apologize for forgetting my checkbook. i must have taken it out of my purse before i left for utah. can you email your address to me and i will send your check promptly? briana dot weir at gmail dot com. seriously, thanks again. loved it. you are very talented.