Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Most Wonderful Day!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday and it was such a great day! The one disappointment I had was that I made a secret birthday wish that I would find a parking spot at school (this subject I could go on forever about, but that will be saved for another post) and after searching for 25 minutes that didn't happen. I had to park illegally, BUT I didn't get a ticket! Happy day. Some of you may have read that I had a birthday party this past weekend. So my actual birthday was going to be more low key. The night before, Katie and Daniel brought me a yummy cake from Magelbys.
 I'm a little done up in this shot because we performed at half time for the BYU basketball game that night. And yes, the cake is gone already. :o)
 Opening presents!
 Jer got me some awesome boots!
 Me and sissy! She got me a really cute shirt from Urban Outfitters.
 Jer and I were going to go to Texas Roadhouse just the two of us for my birthday but what do I find when we are led to our table? yes! All of our wonderful friends there to surprise me. Jer had started planning this even before I had the idea of doing a fondue party. He's so sweet. It was so fun! This is table #1
 Table #2. If you can see in the front of the picture are my dozen roses that Jer gave me, pink and green and gorgeous! Oh and by the way, go to Texas Roadhouse and order the shrimp! Best shrimp I've ever had, seriously!
 He's the best!
 One of the sweetest parts of the night was that Jer and Courtney plotted for Court to make me my favorite special birthday cake that my mom would always make me every year. I was truly touched, I have SUCH great friends. Court and Eric hosted all of our friends after dinner for cake and ice cream.
Us being silly. The six of us are the best of friends. Jer and I consider ourselves so lucky to have found these friends and to live so close. We all live in the same cul-de-sac and can often be found playing games and watching movies and T.V. shows together on various nights of the week.
This is a video of me riding the saddle at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday, I tried to make myself look like a rodeo queen with my flowers.

When we got home from our wonderful evening I felt so overwhelmingly grateful and undeserving of the husband, family and friends I have been blessed with. I always have mixed feelings the day after my birthday, it was such an amazing day yet I'm really sad its over.


  1. I want some MAGELBY'S CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!! I miss that stuff so bad!!! Okay, thanks for letting me vent. I'm glad you had such a fun birthday Tina! And congrats on 23- that and 24 were my favorite ages!

  2. Happy birthday again! It was fun to share it with you. Eric and I are also SO grateful for you guys and the Chris and Alisons! It's nice to have such good friends that we're all so comfortable with... Maybe a little too comfortable sometimes ;)