Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Would You Rather...

You know that game where you say, "would you rather.....or.......?" And the person has to decide which one they would rather do? Usually the things people come up with are pretty ridiculous, painful, or just plain gross (for example, would you rather lick a toilet seat in a public bathroom or swallow 20 live worms?) and you wouldn't ever want to do either but that's the fun of the game, you HAVE to pick one!
So, I've been playing this game in my head for the past two days or so and I've even vocalized some of them to Jer, "Would you rather take your stats final or write my ten page final paper with a three page bibliography?" I am dreading this paper so much that I have been subconsciously been trying to find combinations of would-you-rathers where I would ACTUALLY pick writing my paper. I have decided, I would rather write my paper than fail the class. SO here I sit, in the snack zone of the library, geared up with my headphones and my thinking cap and I'm about to bust out this 10 page paper in 4 hours. I'm determined.

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