Thursday, December 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Jer and I spent Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara with my family. We had a blast! It was fun too because we were able to spend a couple days with his family before we left for CA. The first day was on purpose, the second was because our flight got canceled, but we still had lots of fun with the Bartons!
 Thanksgiving morning our 7 wild turkeys (that love to hang out at our house since my mom won't quit feeding them) greeted us on our side patio. I suggested cooking one up fresh for our feast but that idea got shot down really quick. :o) All I have to say is, they are lucky they decided to disappear for the wedding.
 Mom and I working on the Thanksgiving meal in the kitchen. This work started the night before and then continued early the next morning and through the day to get everything ready.
For the past several years I have made the pies for Thanksgiving. I made a pumpkin one the night before and then Anna and I made apple the day of. I had never been able to get the recipe right until this year, thanks to Lion House! This was the best apple pie I have ever made. (maybe its because Anna helped :o))

 Here is our post-feast Thanksgiving portrait in the library. We're all stuffed and happy.
 These are my lovely best friends from high school, minus Andi :o( at one of our favorite places to eat, The Habit. Yum Yum. Jer says he has to go there at least once every time we are in Santa Barbara.
 Us being silly as always.
Katie even caught the bouquet at her good friend Kate's beautiful wedding!
In other news, this week has been insane, I mean. Totally. Insane. Jer and I have been up to our ears in school work. I was asked to speak to the faculty and students of the college of Fine Arts and Communications this week. It added just a bit of stress to my life but what added more was that I lost my voice (because I was sick) the day before. Let's just say the Lord blessed me with a tender mercy and gave me my voice back for my speech. I lost it again right after. It really was a miracle. A bit of good news, Jer's mom gave us lots of fun Christmas decorations to put up in our house since we basically had nothing. Jer put up the Christmas tree and we are anxiously awaiting a bit of time tomorrow evening to decorate it. I actually went to Michaels and got some great ornaments for an awesome price! Not to mention a few other fun things. Seriously, go there and get their pine-scented candle, 2 for 7 bucks! I love Michaels, I really do. Just as a preview, since I showed you what I filled my candle holders with for fall, here are my Christmas fillers. :o)
Yep folks, those are real cranberries. And Jer even filled them for me.

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  1. How dare you post that one family picture of my thighs. I thought I made it clear post picture how much I hated that shot. :-P I <3 u