Monday, December 13, 2010

On the Fly

Well Katie and I had a crazy weekend. Long story short, at 1 pm on Saturday our Dad called us wondering if we could fly out to see Anna dance in the Nutcracker, at 1:30 we were on the way to the airport. We had just about nothing but the shirts on our backs so-to-speak. It was a wild and crazy adventure.
 Here we are after we drove straight from the airport in Burbank to the theater in Santa Barbara and surprised Anna. Not looking too awesome but oh well.
 Anna had the Candy Cane solo (one that I danced while in high school too, I wore that very costume!) She did so well. She had the best smile of them all. She was also in the snow corps.
 Signing autographs. So famous.

 After the show.
The below picture is just a depiction of the beauty we enjoyed as we drove from the airport to SB.
Here is a video of the surprise.
The end of the story goes a little like this: after the show, we got some ice-cream, went to sleep, woke up at four and were back in happy valley by 1pm. The trip was literally less than 24 hours. Now on to finals.

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