Sunday, December 19, 2010

Walkin in a Winter Wonderland

What started out to be a pretty crummy day for me, turned out pretty nicely in the end. Jer and I and our friends the Chris and Alisons (as we like to call them. They call us the Peedletons so its ok :o)) went to Midway to go ice-skating at an outdoor rink! It was so much fun, we were worried because it was raining on the way up but it was really nice when we got there and it was the grand opening so we got free skate rental and free hot cocoa!

 Our sweet ice skating pose. Took a few takes but we got it.
 How romantic :o).
 Chris and Jer are pretty excited about this date!
 Al and I making our most professional pose. I told her I had always dreamed of being able to skate backward like the professional ice skaters do and their little dresses blow in the wind. Still workin on that one.
Jer had to take a shot of me all bundled up. I really wasn't cold at all, I had two pairs of gloves on, a sweatshirt, huge coat, wool scarf and hat, two hoods and wool socks. In fact, when I really started skating I got kinda hot! This was a very fun and very needed date since we have been so crazy with school and finals it was great to just let loose and have fun with our friends without the stress and worry of school and work responsibilities.


  1. Dear Christina,
    I had a dream last week that I came to watch you in an ice skating competition. Your dress was a version of your red latin dress but it was a bit more flowy (you know, to catch in the wind when you go backwards). You had a bad partner though. Jeremy was behind me in the stands yelling "Don't touch her!!" ha ha ha I was amused. I'm glad you're a real-life skater too :)

  2. Actually that picture is of Chris and I after we just won the championship...