Friday, December 3, 2010

The Halls are Officially Decked!

Tonight Jer and I watched The Grinch, one of our favorites while we finally decorated our Christmas tree. We still don't have a tree topper but I'm in the process of finding one I promise! I attempted to make one of those fancy ribbon bows using online instructions but I just didn't get it. So, as promised, I have taken some pictures of our new little collection of Christmas decorations. I did my best with what we have, so its not professional but at least it has gotten us into the spirit of Christmas a little better during this crazy time of year. To see some REALLY great decorating, check out my sister's blog:
 This is my personal favorite addition to our Christmas decorations. This is the newest Willow Tree nativity and our very first nativity. Joseph is about a foot tall. Jer's mom gave this to us as an early Christmas present and wrapped the empty box so we could have something to put under our tree. :o)
 Our decorated tree with our lovely present under it. Excuse the fact that it looks slightly ghetto without a tree skirt. We're workin on it. We decorated the tree with poinsettias, and different sized really pretty Christmas balls I got from Michaels.
 Just a side-note, every stitch of decoration we have for Christmas is from Jer's mom so, a little shout out to you Dianna! I LOVE these trees. They kind of remind me of one of my favorite Christmas stories, The Three Trees. Jer's mom also gave us some odds and ends like the little gold sprigs and grape bunches that I arranged around the bottom. Jer hung one at the top of the tallest tree too. :o)
 So, Thai Pan is awesome. When Dianna and I were there shopping for garland we found these darling wall hangings. Only 5 bucks! Di tied that cute bow on it. Since I don't have a wreath I figured this would be pretty cute on my door. We also got one for each of our visiting teachees!
 Kitchen table arrangement. Not sure how I feel about this one. I'm just beginning to reach into my inner decorating soul so the beginnings may be a bit rough. BUT I love the lantern.
 Kitchen window sill, that angel is from Jer's Nanny. She gave that to me last year for Christmas and I was so excited to bring it out this year.
Coffee table. That cute little tree was from my mom freshman year! I think it is darling. In the glass hurricane are bells from Thai Pan. Another cute little lantern.

So, there you have it. My first Christmas decorating experience. I sure had fun and I love this season!

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  1. I love how you think of the three tree stories when you look at your little trees. That's so perfect!