Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Home Sweet Hubby

Today has been a reminder of just a couple reasons I love having Jer often work from home.

Breakfast together.

Today I made pumpkin waffles for us. The recipe was a winner and it made a TON of batter. I will be freezing that for a later date.
Here is the link to the recipe.

These were delicious and oh so fall-esque.

Mid-Day Exercise

 Today Jer and I soaked up the last of the summer-fall transition rays by running a WHOPPING 4 miles!! (OK I know that sounds stupid but Jer had to bribe me with a surprise in order to motivate me, I really have a hard time running.) Today's high is 83 degrees!!

Here is how I really feel about running:
You may have seen this on Facebook. It is the truth, about me anyway.

And NOW! We are going to get my surprise.

You may think, "working" from home, eh? Workin' hard or hardly workin'? Well, it's only 1:00! We still have the whole day ahead. :o)


  1. Your blog is really fun to read :) And nice job on the 4 miles- It's hard to motivate myself to run 2! lol.

  2. BAaaahahahaha!!! I loved that little picture. Its totally true about me too. 4 miles is a lot girlfriend and I think its great that you were able to run it. Also, I miss you. Also, when I get married I hope that Ill be able to cook like you. :)