Saturday, September 29, 2012

Deal Date

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Groupon, KSL Deals, and Living Social?

Oh yeah, like a million times.

Tonight, Jer and I had a deal date. I think sometimes I embarrass him with how cheap I am, but hey, they don't offer these deals for nothin!

Color Me Mine: Groupon
 We decided to choose one thing to paint and then each paint half and not show each other what we did until we were finished.
This was in the early stages and as you can see, we were both having the same idea with the blue. Of course, our two sides came out very different from each other but we will leave you in suspense until we pick up our vase on Thursday!

We finished the evening with a KSL deal we bought. $6.20 for $16 worth of food at Los Hermanos. One of our favorites. (*Note: this deal is usually 8 for 16 but that particular day they had a DEAL on top of a DEAL! 20% off any KSL deal, pretty redundant (I just used the word deal 5 times) but please, you just can't pass that up.)

We had a psychic waiter. Here's how the conversation went.

Jer: I'll double your tip if you can guess what I'm going to order.

Waiter: I'm going to go with the chimichanga.

Jer: With what meat?

Waiter: Chicken.

Jer: How did you do that?!


Jer: Can you break this $20 for me?

Waiter: How would you like me to break it?

Jer: Just however you want.

Jer: (To Katie and I while the waiter is gone.) What would be really awesome is if he read my mind and gave me a 10, 5 and five ones.

Waiter brings back a 10, 5 and five ones.

Jer: Dude, I think you and I are long lost twins separated at birth.

Katie came down this afternoon to shop at SexyModest and to watch the Relief Society broadcast so she joined Jer and I for dinner and then ended up paying for us. What a sweetie!

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