Sunday, September 9, 2012

Brussels Sprouts

First of all, my husband just informed me last night that the ABC's are sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Um, how did I get through my almost 25 years of life not realizing this?!

I feel stupid, but whatever. :o)

Secondly, did you all know that today was our ward's primary program? Neither did we. Whoops. There we sat minding our own business when the bishopric member invites the primary children up to the stand for their program.

Jer and I are in the primary.

We had about 10 seconds to figure out what was going on and get our butts up onto the stand with the other teachers (who, by the way had been sitting on the stand the entire time, unbeknownst to us.)

But it turned out great! No thanks to us. ;o)

And finally, I'm proud to announce that I have finally found a brussels sprouts recipe that both Jer and I really like. Last time I made them we both proclaimed that we no longer liked them.

Thanks to Bountiful Baskets, I was forced to try again.

Here's the recipe, pinned from my dear friend Courtney.

Lemon Garlic Brussels Sprouts. YUM.
And just a P.S.
Guess what season it is?
 That's right. FALL! My favorite season. I don't remember why, but my mom always made these in the fall, so now I will almost never make them unless it is fall. I love this season and everything about it. I don't care that it has been 85 degrees here and I got a sunburn yesterday. It IS fall. :o)

We had a garage/yard sale yesterday with a couple of our friends and it was a success. Chels was modeling her dollar store Christmas stockings to try and lure in more customers, I don't think she sold those....but I bet you could buy them from her! ;o)

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