Monday, May 21, 2012

Trinkets n' Trims

This blog post is going to be kinda random. I have a lot of little things I want to blog about that don't necessarily relate.
Jer and I had a fun weekend, I helped put on a baby shower for my good friend Chelsie and got some great ideas for future showers.

#1. Having the shower be an open house and putting out materials for everyone to make hair accessories for her baby girl. It worked out so well and it was fun for Chels to take home some darling accessories made by her nearest and dearest. No melting candy bars into diapers at this baby shower! ;o)

#2. Using gifts as decoration:
Our friend Ashley had the idea of buying a few little gifts for the baby and putting them out as decoration. Way better than streamers in my opinion!!

#3. New uses for melon!
I found this idea in my most recent GH magazine. I took a honeydew melon I got from my Bountiful Basket and scooped it out. I made a skinny slice off the bottom so the melon would stand up and filled it with flowers! You can do this with a mini watermelon or cantaloupe.

After the shower, our friend Eric invited us on a hike up to Squaw Peak. WOW. It was tiring. But really fun. It took us 1.5 hours each way so a total of 3 hours. The view from the top was breathtaking, but let's just say my legs were VERY sore the next couple days.

Job interview....BUT
MEGA Flat tire!!!!!

I was on my way to my job interview and hit some nasty traffic getting on the freeway (all you Orem people know what I'm talking about. I sat at ONE light for 20 mins.) I had left a full hour early in case I hit any traffic or got lost. I finally got on the freeway with 20 minutes until my interview and one exit before I'm supposed to get tire explodes. For real. I mean you can see the above picture. Anyway, I got off the exit, Jer had to come to the rescue, he took me to my interview (got lost for about 30 mins) I was an hour late but had called the doc to let him know and he was really understanding. The interview went really well but we shall see what happens. I had a class to teach at 3 and had to find someone to cover for me till we could get the spare on and I could drive back to Provo. It was a pretty nuts-o few hours but I'm just glad I have a hubby that is so helpful and wonderful.

I'll keep you all updated on what happens next!

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