Saturday, May 12, 2012

He's Had a Birthday Shout HOORAY!

This past Sunday my dear hubby turned the big 2-4. Yes, I am a cougar (only by 4 months or so :o)). We decided Jer's Birthday would have to last a whole week this year. Our primary children helped confirm this when we realized it was fast Sunday and we couldn't bring them treats. I bribed them by saying, "It's Brother Pendleton's birthday today but since it's fast Sunday we can't have treats. If you're really good today, I will bring you cupcakes next time." Needless to say, they were surprisingly good.

We had a Barton family dinner that afternoon and Jer's mom made him some delicious cupcakes. It was fun to be with family for Jer's big day.

Bright and early Monday morning I decided to make Jer breakfast in bed. He does NOT like the picture I took of him right after he woke up so I will omit that one. I made him buttermilk pancakes with strawberries.

Our friends the Bready's offered to host a little birthday BBQ for Jer at Eric's parents' house in Alpine.
 It was a bit windy so we went indoors to eat.

 Fun friends!

And of COURSE more cake. Buttermilk chocolate cake (family tradition) with rainbow chip frosting. (Childhood fave.) And if any of you were wondering, he blew all the candles out with one breath. :o)

My sister gave Jer a gift card for Outback Steakhouse and our friends the Wildes gave us a couple of movie passes so we were able to have a birthday date for Jer and saw the Avengers after a great dinner at Outback.
 Jer's parents gave us a wonderful graduation/Jer's birthday gift. Jer couldn't be happier. I think he's in heaven. :o) Thanks Di and Bry!

Tonight Jer and I will use our Pass of All Passes (aka free into Trafalga and Seven Peaks for a year) and go mini golfing. Tomorrow, we will celebrate with our primary kids with cupcakes and then, sadly, Jer's birthday will be over. Until next year!

Between all this celebrating, I have been doing some crafting to earn some extra money. I'm trying some new things as well as sticking with what has worked.
 Patriotic ribbon wreath, special order.
 Baby shower gift. I loved trying the new colors and adding the flower and buttons for a more girly hat!
Baby blanket. I have a lot of friends having babies so I'm crocheting up a storm making gifts! I'm trying to get my Etsy shop back up and running. It is slow going but I think it will be better than ever. I'm considering starting a crafting blog and putting up some tutorials, etc. We'll see if that happens. :o) I also have had recipes running through my head a million miles a minute that I want to share. Soon my friends!


  1. I LOVE the wreath!!!! Are you adding this to your etsy shop??

  2. Yep! It is currently listed. :o)