Thursday, November 1, 2012

Party at the Pendletons: Halloween 2012

Two years ago Jer and I threw a couples Halloween party at my parents' condo clubhouse and we thought it was so fun we decided to do it again!
Chelsey provided some awesome decorations including this brick wall everyone walked through to get to the party. Above are the winners for best couple costume.
 Picachu (sp?), Ash and Pokeball.
 Tree Huggers.
 Guts game. Guess Larry's body parts.
 Prizes and costume contest ballots.
 Up guy and his balloons.
 Goblin Goop (made by Caleb).
Axl and Slash
 Me with the pirate baby.
Candy corn relay.

Balloon pop battle.
 Pirate family.
 "On Time"
 Doughnut eating contest.

We had so much fun and are so grateful for such awesome friends. Can't wait for next year!

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  1. Ahh how fun! We enjoyed that party two years ago... sad we missed this one! We love you guys!