Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fall Updates

Things have been fun and eventful over here at the Pendleton household. It seems I've inadvertently gone on a blogging hiatus.

Knee News:
As most of you know, Jer injured his knee again a couple weeks ago. He went in for an MRI and we got some good news. His MCL and ACL are still looking great and intact! Thanks to the special brace we got him after his second surgery, we think that prevented him from re-tearing those ligaments. The one down-side is that he did re-tear his meniscus. It is a bucket-handle tear again like the first time, but he is able to walk on it and he doesn't need surgery immediately so he can continue to work through the holiday season and we will make decisions about surgery after that.

Jer has decided to coach the city league he was organizing instead of playing. We think that's a wise move on his part. :o)

Food Facts:
We found a new restaurant that was recommended to us by some friends. It's a little hole in the wall on Orem state street called Joe's.

We went for breakfast and the food was excellent. Joe doesn't let you pay until after you eat to make sure you like it. We got a HUGE omlette and biscuits and gravy. WAY too much food for two of us. We could have shared one plate and been completely full. We would definitely recommend this restaurant. Such a great change from the normal Utah County chains. 

Current Events:
 Dancesport is over for this semester. Caleb and I danced really well and felt like we have made a lot of improvements since the summer. One of my besties Amy Bukarau, did my hair. If any of you ballroomers out there need someone to do your hair for nationals I can give you her number, she's the best!
 I finally finished my twin sized bed spread I have been working on since the spring. I finally decided to make something for my own home and just recently got around to finishing it. As of right now it is serving as a throw in our living room but I hope in the future I can actually use it as a bed spread.

Here is the link to the free pattern I used.
 We finally got together with our besties the Breadys last night for dinner and a game of Settlers. Jer and I haven't seen Harper much since every time we see them Harper is already in bed. It was so fun to see how much she has grown and how smart she is! She found the rent money! Her mom really is in trouble. :o)

Holiday Plans:
We are super excited because we leave in less than a week to head out to Austin for Thanksgiving. My parents rented a house for us to stay in and we will spend most of the week with family and hopefully do a little exploring of a new state! Jer and I haven't been to Texas before. In preparation for our trip, I made Ella, my niece a little skirt for her birthday. Her birthday was in October, whoops! Better late than never.
This skirt didn't take me very long and only took a small amount of fabric (Ella is tiny!) I'm so excited to give it to her and see her in it. I kind of just made up my own tutorial for myself with what I have learned, so I will post that later.

For Christmas, we will be spending it with Jer's family in a place much warmer than here. :o) More updates on that as the time approaches.

Before I close this post, I have to publicly confess that I started listening to Christmas music today. I held out longer this year than I did last, but I needed a dose of it this morning. :o)

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