Sunday, November 18, 2012

Nutcracker Nostalgia

This weekend we got to go to the Nutcracker to see my SIL perform as a clown! I have been going to her Nutcracker performances ever since Jer and I started dating 6 years ago! It has been fun to see Becca develop as a dancer and see her grow.

The Nutcracker is something I hold dear to my heart, I performed in Santa Barbara Festival Ballet's Nutcracker for 10 years growing up so it just wouldn't be the holidays if I didn't get to see it. Jer and I are even working on collecting ornaments for a Nutcracker-themed tree. You'd be surprised at how many I already have. (Thanks mom!)

All this Nutcracker business got me nostalgic as I remembered the fun memories I made as a ballerina growing up. I decided to ask my mom to send me the pictures she had of my Nutcracker roles through the years and thought I'd share!

Gingersnap! Can you tell which one is me? (Hint: I'm in the second row. :o)) Andi, I hope you're reading this. :o)
 Party Girl.
Little Candy Cane.
Waltz of the Flowers Corps. How's that for a totally awkward teenage photo? :o)

 Candy Cane Soloist. And passed the torch on to the little sis.

Dewdrop Fairy.


And there you have it! Just missing a couple, but it has been so fun to look back at all these photos and reminisce. Thanks for your help, mom!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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  1. How fun! I didn't know you were a ballerina! I've never seen The Nutcracker - hoping to change that this year!