Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo!

This summer I was able to tour in Nauvoo for the second time! The first time was when I was on the Back-Up Touring Team while Jer was on his mission. It was really special to be able to go on the same tour again but experience it with my hubby!

We finally got a new charger for our camera so I was able to get all our pictures off of it and make a post about our fun trip to Old Nauvoo.
 One of the biggest highlights was attending the temple twice and doing lots and lots of family names. We also got an awesome tour of the temple following one of our sessions. Jer and I have been able to visit lots of different temples since being married.
 Ice cream social at the mission president and wife's home.

 Gotta visit the fudge factory! Big hair is a must too? :o/
 Joseph Smith is one of Jer's all-time heroes. This trip was really special to him.
 We saw Kylie perform as a "Young Performing Missionary" while we were there. She did such a great job!
 Playing pioneer games. This was Jer's favorite.
 Some of the group.
 Carriage ride around Old Nauvoo.
 Great shot Jer got of the beautiful temple.
 Making a rope.
 In the kitchen where they taught us how they made bread. We got to try some. Yum yum.
 Visiting the Pendleton log home. This was Jer's great, great grandfather.
 Inside the Pendleton home.
 Annie's custard. We maybe went there 4 times in the two weeks. But don't worry, we shared. ;o)
 The bottom name is Jer's grandfather, he signed the descendant book in '94 when he visited!
 Visitor's center.
 Temple view.
 LOVED the horses. Could have petted those soft noses all day.
 (These pictures are out of order) Hole in the door at Liberty Jail through which Hyrum was shot.
 Window that the prophet fell out of.
 Outside Liberty Jail. Thank you, mumu dress for making me look 9 months pregnant. You can bet that dress went straight in the trash can after this tour.

 The Vinson Night home. I am one of his descendants.
 Jer loves this view of the temple. He one day wants to have a painting of this in our home. They had some awesome ones in Nauvoo but they weren't quite in the budget this time around.
 Red Brick Store. The air space where the first endowment was performed.

 Chelsey came to spend some time with me! Here we are in this awesome antique shop, Chels got a hat and cool old suitcase!
 Dancing in the Lincoln Memorial Museum. One of the coolest museums I've been to.
 Where's waldo?
 Why we are Lee's favorites.
We got rained out of our last two shows. We weren't too bummed because we were pretty pooped after full shows every night. It was an adventure.

We did so many other fun things on the tour but this post would be getting WAY too long. I'm sure you can tell we had a lot of fun on our trip. There is a wonderful spirit in Nauvoo.

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