Monday, August 20, 2012

It's a Nice Day for A...

White wedding!
 We got to attend Jer's BFF Sam's wedding to his beautiful Bride Alyson today in the Salt Lake Temple. I had to rush off to a meeting after the sealing so I didn't even get to get a pic of the happy couple! But it was my first time in the Salt Lake temple and I loved it of course.

Luckily, Jer got one. Aren't they beautiful!?
I am a sucker for a wedding. Let me tell you. I never get out of a wedding without shedding a tear. Every time I go, I am reminded of the day when my sweetheart and I were married and the special blessings and promises given to us.

 Another thing I am a huge sucker for is a brand spankin new baby. Every time I go visit one of my friends in the hospital after they have a baby, I tend to well up a bit. These precious angels are so fresh from their Heavenly Father's arms and what a miracle they are. I am in awe of the strength of mothers and what they go through for 9 months to get this little miracle.
Isn't little Anabelle a sweetie?! I'm so happy for Chelsie and John and their new family of 3!

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