Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Fun

So I have done a lot of random things in the past week and a half or so but the best part is, the whole time I have been enjoying the company of family!

I just got back from a fun few days with the Bartons at Newport Beach. This is a wonderful tradition in Jer's family that is a great way for everyone to get together and draw closer to each other. I was sad I couldn't stay for the whole 10 days but I had students I needed to get back to. :o)

LUCKILY when I got back to Utah, my family was just arriving! My parents have spent the week at a family history workshop at BYU. It has been so fun to be with them especially since I am extra lonely without Jer Bear.

 Anna has been my buddy all week while the parents have been at the workshop. Here she is reading her book at good ol 7 Peaks!

We also got to check an item off our bucket lists and go to the Cherry Lane Boutique in Provo. SO CUTE. We loved everything. Can everyone please take a moment and check out Anna in this picture? Not even intentional. Oh Sis.
 I got my fabric today to make some more skirts. I had a couple gifts to make and wanted another one for myself. I was so excited about this that I drove to UPS and picked up my package since they attempted delivery but I wasn't there. I couldn't wait another day.
Here's the finished product of a mismatched striped maxi I made for my friend's birthday. My friend is much taller than my model (my sister). :o) I LOVED this fabric.

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