Sunday, July 1, 2012

Some More S'Mores?

Jer and I have had a great week. Which led us to a brilliant recipe we created together. I will finish the post with our recipe. (Let's face it, I'm sure many people have made up this recipe before but we like to tell ourselves it is original.)
 Eric in one of his sketches.
Wow, awesome photo. But this week we got together with Sam and Stephen (friends of Jer's from growing up) and fiance and girlfriend for dinner and Eric's (another growing up friend) comedy show, Laughing Matters. It was so funny and way fun to get together with this group.

 Over the weekend Bennett and I had our first real camping trip together! Ok, so I've been camping before in a tent and stuff for girls camp but not really much else besides that. And it wasn't actually just Bennett and I, haha it was the Duffins and the Pendletons!
 Bennett helping uncle Jer Bear set up the tent. This kid was so excited out in the great outdoor with all the dirt, bugs and animals. He's a true boy that's for sure. Sally and Bry got lots better pics so hopefully we can steal some of those soon.

We always have so much fun with the Duffins. We got to the camp site and had dinner and s'mores. They wouldn't let us have a camp fire because of all the fires as of late but we still had fun and used a propane stove Sally brought. The next day Sally made a yummy breakfast and we went fishing! Well, the boys did. :o) The final consensus? I had fun camping.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is our creation. Conjured up because of our recent delicious s'mores while camping and the amazing Blendtec.

Here's how we made it:
2 1/2-3 c ice cream depending on how thick you like your shakes
5 graham cracker squares (2 would be like how many you would use in a normal s'more)
3 jumbo marshmallows
6 squares of Hershey's chocolate
tiny splash of milk

Blend it up and enjoy!
*One thing to consider, after we made it we thought it might have been even better if we blended just the ice cream and milk and then crushed up the toppings and just stirred them in after. It is up to you depending on how chunky you like your shakes.

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