Thursday, July 19, 2012


First of all, I have to share this deal with you since my friend Amy was so kind to share it with me.

EVERYTHING AT HAPARI SWIMWEAR IS 50% OFF UNTIL SUNDAY NIGHT!!! Even the on sale items. Click here to shop. All you do is enter SUMMER50 in the coupon code slot once you check out. So the sale won't show up till you enter that and then recalculate your total.

Bottom line. I paid $14.50 for a top AND a bottom. This was just too good to pass up. And they are modest!!! Best thing ever. 

Here's to cute suits! Let's just hope we don't all buy the same one. haha (The one pictured is not the one I bought although I do think it is pretty cute.)

So I have been having some serious fun crafting lately if you haven't been able to tell. And I made a craft that literally cost me $3 yesterday.

How's that for crafting on a budget?

Check it, it's as easy as this:
1. Go to the dollar store and buy a large frame, whiteboard pens, and letter stickers.
2. Get a piece of scrapbook paper. Either one you have or go buy it for like 50 cents at the craft store.
3. Cut the paper to fit your frame and use the letter stickers to label your menu board. (I put my stickers on the actual paper NOT the glass.
4. Plan away! You use the whiteboard pens on the glass and they erase right off!

I generally plan our meals ahead of time and always have tons of little lists laying around so I really wanted something I could have out and easy to look at.

It isn't HUGE so it fits perfectly in our little apartment.

It is cute and adds a fun little accent to my kitchen.

Best part? $3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Christina-really cute menu board! I definitely need something like that in my house so I think that will be one of the next to-dos on my craft list. Also-thank you for the swim suit info. Hope you're doing great! :-)