Sunday, June 24, 2012

Current Events: Part 2

The rest of our week was fantastic. We are pretty pooped now but it was totally worth it! And we are already planning a great week ahead. :o)

Thursday: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Featuring Katie Houston as one of the wives.)
 I made a Strawberry Balsalmic Chicken pizza on whole wheat crust which we ate on the drive there. :o) I would recommend this recipe. It is a great healthy spin on BBQ chicken pizza.
 Katie was a total sweetie and I got me a half-page ad in the program for her play! I was so excited.
 Sorry for the bad-quality photos, remember, our camera broke. Only phones these days.
 Typical us. Here we are after the show. Sad we couldn't get any shots with Katie in her costume. She did such a great job! It was fun to watch my sister dance for once instead of her watching me! She's got some serious talent. We think she should've been one of the narrators (she got called back for that role). Stupid politics.
Jer loved the Pharaoh, he was a riot.

Friday: A day with the girls and Wizard of Oz (Featuring Lauren Anderson as Glinda.)

 We went to lunch at Pier 49 Pizza. They had a great GF menu so everybody got to have pizza! Hooray!
 Went to Mollie's and played with the munchies. Here's Grant.
 And Paigey! Love these two!
 Mom, Anna, Jer and I went to see Lauren. What a beauty she was! This is her calling, for sure!

4 little raccoons! Haha terrible photo but at least we got one with Laur!

Saturday: 7 Peaks and Pixi Dust (featuring Rebecca Barton as The Night Sky and Leo.)

I don't have any pics of 7 peaks because we used Anna's camera but it was so fun to have the pass of all passes and just go for a couple hours and not worry about getting our money's worth.

Here we are with the star herself! Becca did such a great job, we were so proud of her and it was fun to see her up on stage. What a cute little performer. Before the recital we were able to go out to dinner with Jer's family to a childhood favorite of Jer's, Robintinos. So fun to have family so close and to be able to (and want to :o)) spend time with them. We are very blessed.

Today we went to church and then had a wonderful dinner at Katie's. She's getting pretty good at cooking Gluten Free. I'm learning a lot, too! Next post will be a few recipes. I promise, because I've got some I can't pass up sharing. I also tried a few that were total flops :o/. You live and you learn.

Until next time!

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