Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anna's Stay - Installment Two

We had just as much fun the second week we had Anna as the first! Can't believe how many fun things you can fit into such a short time, but we did it! :o)
First feat...Hiking the "Y"! This was so much fun, once we got to the top. It turned out to be VERY hot when we chose to go and the hike seemed a lot harder in that heat.

 We got to have some Paigey and Grant time when we went to Mollie and Elliot's for a BBQ. It was so much fun. We love these little cuties. They are our adopted niece and nephew.
 Can't get enough of those dimples!
 More babies! Every Monday I go to my good friend Courtney's house to watch The Bachelorette but lets be honest, 50% or more of the reason I go is to see this sweet little bundle Harper. She is almost 4 weeks old now but still so tiny and cute, cute, cute!
 Being silly and holding miss Harper Jean.
 I LOVE this picture of her. I can't get over it.
 I taught Anna how to make a baby headband! This is amazing for her first time! My mom taught us both to crochet so we had fun crocheting together.
 Our cousin Keiana came down to Provo to spend the day with us. We went to see Soul Surfer at the dollar theater. It was such a good movie. Kind of emotional but definitely a must-see and totally family appropriate. We love our sweet Keiana!
 Here we are just hangin out at the apt. We did have some quiet moments of watching movies and doing crafts. :o)
 We had a blast spending some time with Jer's family in Kaysville. Anna and Jer's two little sisters came with us to the Bountiful Temple to do baptisms. They got out quite a bit earlier than we did so they walked around the grounds and took some pretty impressive pictures. This temple is so beautiful and it was both mine and Anna's first time visiting it!
 Then we all headed to Lagoon! We were so lucky to get Cam and Dianna with us too. We had a blast and went on almost every ride. We had a delicious picnic dinner at the park.
 Sisters at Lagoon!
 This the horses on this carousel are hand carved and this carousel is the only operating hand-carved one in all of Utah! Pretty cool history for you.

 I tried out a new pattern. LOVE these. The ruffle kills me.
 When my parents and Katie got back we had a fun picnic in the back yard of the condo and then walked to the football fields to watch the stadium of fire fireworks. It was awesome. On the 4th we had our own condo of fire! This was the first time Anna and I had done fireworks as it is illegal in CA.

 Please excuse the way I look in this picture. I promise I had a cute 4th outfit on earlier. See my sister's blog for those pictures.

We got one aerial firework to shoot off since they are now legal! Here Jer is getting ready to light it! I will admit it was pretty cool.

So there you have it, a glimpse into a true Party at the Pendletons - Anna style. :o)

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