Friday, July 8, 2011

Waitin' For the Postman

You know that excited feeling when you know something is coming in the mail for you, you can hardly wait till the mailman comes and you run out to the mailbox right when you see his truck drive away? Well, I've got that fever right now. And i'll tell you what for:
 My sweet husband got me these shoes for Christmas (meaning six months ago) and they were just a bit too small so we sent them back. Sadly, they didn't have this style in anymore and wouldn't get it in until their Spring collection came out, (so they said). I really, really, really wanted the pink glitter ones so we decided to wait. Spring rolled around and nothing. We waited several months and finally decided to check again and FINALLY they had the pink glitters in my size! Yay! So they are in the mail on the way to my awaiting tootsies.


The picture is a bit small, but my friend Alissa got these wedges for tour last year and I have always admired them. I somehow never asked her where she got them but yesterday as I was browsing Target's website I stumbled across them. Jer was home for lunch and I showed him the shoes and told him how much I liked them. Later on in the day after I had left for a dress rehearsal, I got an e-mail on my iphone from Target thanking me for my purchase! Jer had ordered the shoes for me after I left the house AND he had done the dishes and taken the garbage out to boot! What a sweet husband I have! I am the luckiest girl alive. :o)

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