Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A lot has happened since the baby shower, so let me fill you in. But first:

Sorry, I don't really celebrate St. Patty's day. I'm lucky if I remember to wear green.
 Next item of business is my new obsession: This pillow.
This is a felt pillow my mom and I found at Quilted Bear for $20. I was tempted to buy a couple but my mom, (so wise) said, "I bet you could make those pretty easily." Well guess what? I found out how to make them on a blog, it IS easy, AND they cost under $3.00 to make! Are you kidding me? So, once school is out, we are back from Asia, and I unearth my sewing machine from our second bedroom, that's my next project along with a rag quilt. Can't wait!

Next: DANCESPORT!! Wow, what a weekend. My Mommy came to watch which was literally the highlight of the whole event for me. Other highlights:

I got a full-tuition scholarship for next year.

 We placed 4th in Pre-Championship Ballroom
 6th in National Open Amateur Smooth
 My really good friend Becky did an amazing job on my hair. Seriously?! So cool.
I got 5th place in Gold Bar Paso Doble. 

AND some of my students took 1st, 2nd and 5th place in their Quickstep final! I was such a proud teacher.
I'm so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to dance and to teach. I love it!

Now for a couple of life-y things. Remember the last post with the picture of Jer with his knee brace? Well today he went to the doctor and got an MRI. The results were not fun. He tore his ACL, MCL and fractured his femoral condyle. All in the name of church ball?! :o) Well anyway, regardless, he is going in for surgery tomorrow morning at 7 am. He will be on crutches again for at least 3 weeks and then no physical activity for 6 months. Needless to say we're both pretty bummed out. I know in my head that of course this isn't the end of the world, and everything will work out. But being the worried, emotional wreck that I am, I had a little break-down today. It seems that when it rains it pours, don't you agree? I have felt that way lately so this event kind of broke me. I don't know if its just me but once the flood gates open and I start to cry, there is no stopping me. I was a total baby at school today and made myself look like an idiot but Jer and I have been blessed with wonderful people in our lives. We had dinner brought to us and have seen so much concern and compassion from teachers, friends and family. I know everything will be OK but sometimes you just need a good cry. I feel like I have learned a lot of valuable lessons from all the little things that happen that I get so dramatic about and I'm grateful for those experiences. I will keep you posted on how the surgery goes and how he is recovering. We are going to work extra hard to get him better before our trip to Asia. Lots of PT and lots of rest.

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