Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surgery Update

Jer's surgery on Thursday went well. It ended up being 3 hours long which was more than twice as long as they said it would be. You can imagine I got a little nervous after hour number 2 but they assured me everything was fine. It turns out his MCL was completely torn from the bone so they needed to fix that as well.
Here he is at 7:30 am all suited up for surgery:
 I think he's pretty dang cute if I do say so myself. :o) He was pretty funny coming out of anesthesia. He couldn't stop talking about the Cougars and Jimmer. He loves his basketball.
This is the day after surgery. They had him in physical therapy the very next day an the doctors were shocked at how well he was doing. His swelling isn't too bad yet either. The plan is no weight bearing for three weeks and then he will be walking with a brace for another 5 weeks or so after that. We have had lots of friends come and bring him Dr. Pepper and little treats they know he likes and just stop by for visits. It's been really nice to have visitors for both of us because being cooped up in the house all day gets a little hard sometimes. I'm really grateful for Jer's mom and for all of our friends who helped with dinner and taking care of Jer while I was working. We are very blessed!!!

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