Monday, February 11, 2013

The Barton Kids Party with the Pendletons

Jer and I had the esteemed privilege of staying with his younger siblings this weekend while his parents partied in Palm Desert. This was the first time we were able to do this since before now we have been soooo busy in school.

On Friday night, Caleb and I taught and performed as the solo couple with the back-up touring team at a big stake dance, for the adults! They had a live dance and a full show by us. I LOVE this! Why don't we do this anymore? I remember as a kid when my parents would go to a dance together at the stake center. Let's please revive this, people.

The weekend pretty much consisted of this:
 Cam tearin it up on the bball court. (They won!!!)
 And this: Lots of games including Settlers and Nerts. (Jer likes to spell things with his roads.)
 This: Taylor dancing and dating (A LOT).
Oh and did I mention this? Eating lots of fun treats including but not limited to homemade pancakes for dinner and the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (that's their name, not tooting my own horn ;o)) on Sunday evening.

This was so fun for us and we were glad we could do it this time!

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