Sunday, January 20, 2013

Quarter Century

As my dear friend Court would say, "I'm having a quarter-life crisis!" It seems kinda crazy to already be 25 years old! I know, I know, I'm still young, but it still feels weird, ok?!

This year I wanted to keep my birthday low-key, but I was still so grateful for all the love my friends and family showed me for my special 2-5.
 This was as far as I got into my sundae. I can't believe how decadent those things are!
On Wednesday night, Jer and I drove up to Salt Lake to see Katie's show at Highland, "New York State Of Mind" which was so awesome and enjoyable. Well-worth the drive. Afterwards, Dave treated us to Leatherbys and they gave me my birthday gift: A piggy bank filled with quarters, because I'm a quarter century of course!

 On Saturday morning, Jer got up early and got our Bountiful Basket for us so I could sleep in on my birthday and then surprised me by inviting some of our friends that live nearby to have doughnuts (my favorite!) He had gotten me some beautiful flowers and a cute balloon. He also got me some cute cases for my new iphone 5 (part birthday/Christmas present from Jer and my parents), and a Roku, a device that will stream Netflix onto the TV.
 This is the card he got me, he was quite proud of it. The inside says, "I've been itching to wish you a happy birthday." Oh, my husband.
 Sweet Chelsie and Katie took me out to Milagros for lunch. These are my dinner group buddies. It has been so fun to get together each week with these ladies and their hubbies. Thanks girls!

After lunch Jer and I went to Les Mis at Thanksgiving Point. It was an awesome movie. A must-see.
After the movie we met up with Court, Eric and the kiddos to grab some dinner. Afterwards there was a cake, balloons and a gift waiting for me. The Breadys are our very best friends and we have been so blessed to have them in our lives. Court has been so sweet to make me my favorite birthday cake for two of the 3 birthdays since we have known them. Ever since we met, our favorite thing to do together is play games, so that's exactly what I wanted to do for my birthday. We played Ticket to Ride and of course, our usual, Settlers of Catan.

I got lots of phone calls and sweet messages from family and friends and felt very loved. Thank you so much again to everyone who thought of me, it was a very special and fun day.

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