Thursday, April 12, 2012

Really? Already?

The semester is over. All we have left are finals and graduation. Tuesday night we had our final ballroom closing social. This was a big one for me because it was my last one and my replacement for president was chosen and announced. Remember last year when I posted a  picture of the old president with me? Well out with the old and in with the new once again!
 Alex will be one GREAT president and I'm so excited for him!
 Me with a couple of my best girls. Chelsie is graduating too and expecting a baby girl in August. Amy still has one year left.
 Chase and Carly and us. They are graduating too!
 This is Charlie, my vice president. He was so helpful all year!
 The Pattys! David was a technician with Jer, and they are moving into the apartment below us!
 Us with Lee and Linda. What a great 3-year ride it was, I will miss it, but it is time to move on. :o)
 Curt, my coach for Back-Up, my Dance Major adviser and my mentor. He has been wonderful.

In other news, I finished my final sewing project in my sewing class. A size T2 little girl's dress. The real question will be, will there be more projects posted on my blog? Will I choose to sew? :o) Who knows.

Excited to finish off our finals and get our summer started!

I'm going to make a post from my last concert in the Marriott center and of course, wait for graduation shots!


  1. Please sew more because that is the cutest little dress ever and also I am loving your hair!

  2. Hey Christina! Your hair and bangs look really cute. And Tia and I came to the concert and LOVED the waltz. You looked awesome in it.