Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be My Valentine

This is the first time Jer and I have been together on Valentine's Day in 4 years. We decided to go low key on actual Valentine's Day since we knew it would be too busy to try and go out that night. I packed Jer's lunch for that day a little differently- I cut his sandwich into a heart, put a heart shaped peanut butter cup and wrote reasons why I love him on each baggy, I also made some banana muffins in heart shapes.

During my Latin ballroom class, Jer brought me a rose and balloons (as pictured below) Very sweet. When I got home I set the table nicely for our dinner at home.

 This is our meal, I got Jer his favorite drink and made artichokes, steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and delicious french bread.
 The night after, we went to PF Chang's for dinner. It was delicious. Afterward, Jer surprised me with a couples massage! We went to a place called Solase. I have never had a massage before. It was so awesome, I felt so relaxed. I may become addicted.
Below is a little something I left for Jer when he got home from work. It is a trail of candy kisses, leading to a Nerds rope and sign that says, "Now that I've roped you in by kissing the ground you walk on, will you be my Valentine?" He said yes. :o)

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