Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring Fling!

My parents have a Marriott Timeshare in Palm Springs and it so happened that one of their weeks fell over Memorial Day weekend. They were able to go with Anna and a friend for the first three days but Anna needed to get back to school so my parents offered the resort for the rest of the week to Katie and I. Since Jer has been working 10 hours a day he wasn't able to go so we decided to make it a girls getaway! Katie and I drove out on Tuesday.
 The resort had a 24 hour fitness center so we went there first in the morning and then it was time to head out to the pool! This is this really cool fountain in the center of the community of condos.
 Reading by the pool!
 The main pool. (There are 7 at the resort)
 When we took a break from pool time, we came in and had lunch. We popped in a movie and I started crocheting. This was my first project of the trip- Baby Mary Jane booties. They are dang cute if I do say so myself.
 The condo had a full kitchen so we brought most of our food and planned meals. We had a yummy dinner that evening while waiting for Mommer to get there! Here I am eating and cooking at the same time...typical.
 By the end of the evening I had completed two projects. I baby beanie and the booties. I'm trying to find more places to sell my stuff, if you have any ideas or know of anything please let me know!
 The next day it was time to shop! My mom discovered the amazing outlets in Palm Springs while they were there a few days before and of course she had to take us there. Let me tell you, these outlets are AWESOME! If you are ever in Palm Springs or even close to there, its worth the trip!

 Halfway through our shopping day.
 As you can see, we found some pretty sweet deals! Some of my favorite stores were Banana Republic outlet, 9 West, Van Heusen, J Crew etc. etc.
 Our final day right before check out. Excuse my face in this picture, it was quite bright!
 The pond on the golf course outside our window.
 Mom with the ducks she mothered. She went out everyday and fed the ducks, I even joined her a couple times. It was so fun!
 Sisters goofing off.
The End!!!!

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