Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Out With the Old in With the New!

The semester is coming to a close and true to tradition, we had our closing social for the BYU Ballroom Dance Company tonight at Aspen Grove. It's always a fun event where we dress up, give out silly awards, eat great food and watch a slide show. I was caught off-guard when Curt (one of the directors) approached me and asked me to be the new Company president for 2011-2012. The fun thing is that my former dance partner, Caleb Merrell was the president this year so he can give me lots of pointers and help. At the end of the social we always take lots of fun pictures. I guess ballroom dancers love pictures of themselves when they are dressed up. Here we are!

 Me and the hubby
 The Bobbsey twins (nick named by Lee Wakefield)
 Some of our closest friends Trev and Liss. Jer is selling pest control with Trevor this summer!
 The Mictendo monkeys!
 Plus mario
 Love all these girls.
 Me and Amers.
Best partners for two years, old president and new, sure will miss you Caleb. :o(

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  1. T your hair looks gorgeous! How did you do that?!