Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One Crazy Week!

These, my friends are "tiny tots." Ages 3-5, love to wear pink tights and tutus and can't get rid of the wiggles! Today was my first day teaching the tiny tots. I had 9 students in my class and am expecting 15 by next week! Can you imagine? 15 three-year-olds? Well, I have to say that I really did have a blast teaching them today. It was so fun to see the beginnings of a love for movement and dance and although they aren't able to do much yet, its so exciting to know that I can be so influential in their learning process and an eventual love for dance! I definitely dug down into my bag of tricks remembering what tactics my ballet teachers used that worked for me.
Jer is already working so hard in his Chinese classes as he is continuing to work on his Chinese major and business minor. He is still working at the MTC and has also just been promoted to an assistant manager with Solartek, the business he was working with this summer! We are taking a Pearl of Great Price class that we are excited for, although we can already tell it will be a challenge. And Jer surprised me yesterday by letting me know that he was enrolled in my bronze ballroom class! How fun to be teaching my husband's dance class!

We also recently found out that Jer will be a technician for the ballroom dance company this year and will have the awesome opportunity to go to Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore with us in the Spring!

All in all, the first few days of school have proved to be pretty busy which projects the way the rest of the semester will be but we know it will be so much fun!

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  1. Your little girls are sooo cute! That is awesome that you and Jer are taking a class together, that he is in your ballroom class AND that he gets to go on tour with you guys this year. How exciting for you two! Best of luck with the new semester :)