Friday, May 13, 2011

Gui lah hui mi a de Akha (See you later) Thailand

May 6th was Jer's birthday and we spent a sweltering day in Bangkok! We went and saw some more wats which were pretty cool and other sights. We were still staying in the Dusit Thani which was a dream. We were sad to leave it.
 Here we are at some old ruins of a Buddhist Wat.

After sight seeing we went to a floating market. It was pretty fun but the people wouldn't barter with us as much so we didn't buy very much. It was cool to see a floating market thought and there were lots of fun animals to look at!
 That evening at the hotel they were having a Balckpool Fever Festival and had asked us to come perform our two medleys that we won the British formation championships with. It was a big fancy dinner, our show and some dancing afterward. It was really fun!
 The next night we performed for the royal Princess of Thailand. It was cool because we had a police escort everywhere we went. Lee didn't want the technicians dressed differently from us to meet the Princess so they all got to dress up in our costumes! Here is Jer in the West Coast Swing outfit.
Here are all of the techs in our costumes.
 Here is the princess up in her little box seat.
 The next day was Mothers Day and we joined the saints for their meetings in the morning. They fed us dinner after. Here is a picture of the thing we had so much in Thailand that many people got addicted to. It is called Mango sticky rice. Personally, I didn't love it and I got pretty sick of it after having it 3 and 4 times but some people couldn't get enough!
 Following church and a fireside we went to a local children's hospital. They welcomed us warmly and got us prepared by helping us make some balloon animals. Jer also got on the piano and sang. The people just ate it up! I have a video of it but i'm afraid its too big to load.
 It was a very touching, heart-wrenching and memorable experience to visit the children in this hospital. They had all drawn or colored pictures for us saying thank-you on them in English. They were very happy to see us and I could tell they were grateful for visitors.
This girl was so sweet. She would light up whenever people surrounded her. She seemed so happy despite the trials that she has been given. Her mother was wonderful as well. I couldn't help but find myself in tears as I thought of the mothers who have sacrificed so much for these children and the children who are suffering so much. After we visited a bit, we sang a few songs to them ending with "A Child's Prayer" and "I Am a Child of God." There was not a dry eye in that room. Those songs had a whole new meaning to me after singing them to those children. It is amazing how much hope and peace and come from the gospel, I'm so grateful for my parents kind and dear and for the knowledge that I am a child of God.

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